TripleChoicePlan and Dental Health Services: An Overview

We are TripleChoicePlan (TCP) by Ameri-Dent, a highly successful marketing General Agency and Specialty Group. We have an exclusive alliance with Dental Health Services (DHS), a manufacturer and provider of Dental products and a Third Party Administrator offering its services throughout a 3 state service area.

Dental Health Services is an employee-owned dental benefits company, well recognized for its commitment to overall health and quality services. An alternative to traditional (indemnity) insurance, Dental Health Services has been offering dental plans to groups and individuals for 35 years.


DHMO (Dental Health Maintenance Organization) plans, also referred to as “Prepaid Plans”, require you to choose one dentist or dental facility to coordinate all of your oral health needs. If you need to see a specialist, your primary care dentist will refer you; specialty care may require pre-authorization.

A typical DHMO type plan doesn’t have any deductibles or maximums. Instead, when you receive a dental service, you pay a fixed dollar amount for the treatment (a “co-payment”). Often, diagnostic and preventive services have no co-payment, so you pay nothing for these services. However, generally if you visit a dentist outside of the network, you may be responsible for the entire bill. These plans can be a very affordable option for individuals and families.


Founded in 1974 with headquarters in California, DHS was one of the first companies to specialize in the provision of prepaid dental plans, setting industry standards in service and care.
Dental Health Services is a leader in the provision of dental care and benefits to individuals, families, labor unions, employers, and associations. This independently-owned company continues to succeed with a pioneering spirit, forging new paths in dental care through conscientious service, progressive plan design, and a rigorous Quality Assurance Program.

Quality Assurance Program:

With a rigorous 107-point inspection program, DHS sets high standards in care and emphasis on oral health and wellness through their selected dental providers. These standards stem from their chairman, which makes DHS one of the few dental insurance companies whose chairman is a dentist.

Commitment to Excellence:

Dental Health Services will maintain its dedication to excellence with attention to member needs, sensitivity to market changes, and innovations in dental care. During these difficult economic times, Dental Health Services works hard to advocate for its members, ensuring they receive the quality services they need a the price they can afford. The commitment to finding new ways to better serve its members will continue to set Dental Health Services apart in the health industry.

Plan Advantages:

  • No cap on specialty benefits
  • Lab fees included within co-pays
  • Supplemental Fee Program to providers
  • 5,000 + dentists within California
  • Cosmetic Procedures covered:
    – Implants
    – Veneers
    – Bleaching
  • No waiting periods
  • No Calendar Year Maximums
  • No Deductibles
  • Extra cleanings available

Finding Dentists Online:

It’s easy to find a participating Dental Health Services dentist conveniently located in your area with our online Directory of Participating Dentists!

  • Click the Dental Health Services Logo below to access the DHMO providers.
  • Select California, then select your network located on your member card, or pre-selected if you’re logged in. Click on Go.
  • Enter your search criteria – the dentist’s name or dentist number will return the dentist or dentists matching your search terms. If you would like to search a specific area, you can search by ZIP code, city, county, state or view the entire directory.
  • A list of Participating Dentists matching your search will appear. Please feel free to call your Member Service Department at 800-637-6453 to help you with any questions you may have